Every Day Carry / Pocket

Whether you prefer the traditional 2 and 3 bladed knifes such as the Trapper or Stockman knives, or you are addicted to the new generation belt clip spring assisted knives, we have you covered in all directions. The Puma SGB Everyday Carry knives feature the best of all worlds. We feature multiple designs for everyone, everyday. If you want Stag, Bone, Wood, Aluminum, Stonewashed, G10 or simple Framelock knives, we have it all for you. All of the Puma SGB knives feature the 1.4116 German Cutlery steel, and Rockwell tested at 55-57, a blade that is easy to put a edge on, and will keep that edge longer. In business for over 2 Centuries, you won't find a better knife for the price!

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SKU: 6169610W
Price: $37.99
SKU: 6410631S
Price: $42.75
SKU: 6410631W
Price: $32.99
SKU: 6410675S
Price: $44.99
SKU: 6410675W
Price: $40.99
Stockman - Wood SGB
SKU: 6513507
Price: $45.99
Pounce3507 SGB German Blade Spring Assisted Knife
SKU: 6613007
Price: $49.99
SKU: 6613310
Price: $49.99
SKU: 6169590W
Price: $32.99
SKU: 6169600W
Price: $34.99
3.8" Closed length
SKU: 6503530
Price: $32.99
SKU: 6416835
Price: $15.99
SKU: 6416666
Price: $15.99
SKU: 6416572
Price: $15.99
SKU: 6416536
Price: $15.99
SKU: 6340035Y
Price: $29.99