Puma Jagdtaschenmesser Stag Horn German Made Hunting Folder with Blade, Saw, Gutting Blade and Cork Screw

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Product information "PUMA Jagdtaschenmesser 4-tgl."
Blade length: 88 mm
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
Gutting blade length: 2-3/4 "
Guttting blade thickness: 2,5 mm
Saw length: 2-5/9 "
Saw thickness: 2.4 mm
Length closed: 4-1/4 "
Knife weight: 191 g
Scales: staghorn
Steel / hardness: 440A / 55-57 HRC

Brand: PUMA
Scales: stag horn
Blade length: Up to 100 mm
Area of application: Brotzeit, Aufbrechen kleines Wild, Aufbrechen mittleres Wild
Reg. Price: $389.99
Our Price: $259.99
Item #: 210311
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Reg. Price: $389.99
Our Price: $259.99
Item #: 210311