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I have a Deadwood Canyon that I really love. With really nice white bone scales. Really clean ultra-white bone scales. My lady friend was really put off by me carrying it when we first went out. And for many months. She just kept right on complaining until I used it to cut her seat belt and get her out of her car (after following too closely) from under a semi. She was amazed like It was magic. The knife went through that belt (which she had been trying to free herself from for a very good long while.) like a hot knife through butter. It took a week, but she asked to see it. She wants it now. So, I need to replace it.
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Here is a great review of our Puma Bowie. It would have been a good choice for Jeremiah Johnson.   

In 1976 I purchased a Puma 965 Deer Hunter Knife at Franklin Sport's in Athens, Georgia. In November of 1976 I lost this knife while I was deer hunting in Oconee County GA.  In 1998 a game warden gave me a call and asked me what my initials were. I replied “My initials are JLA” which I had imprinted on the knife. At that point I said “you found my knife.” He said yes he did.

It is amazing what good condition it is in after laying in the woods for over 22 years. I think this goes to show the quality of your product. I actually kept the box it came in after all those years.

-Larry Anderson

Dear Puma Friends

My first Puma was a old White Hunter 6377 from 1967 ... a great knife ... and I was impressed with it!... so later I start to collect Puma-knifes and now have many in my collection.

You can see them all on my website:

My Puma knives are normally way too beautiful to use ... but sometimes I need the 7132 hunting axe and my old 959 from pre 1964 (three liner) for a delicious roast pheasant ...  see pictures

Kind Regards and greetings from Germany

My daughter has now been in Brazil a month and a couple of weekends ago went out to a village to "experience" a weekend out in the wild.  They  caught their own fish and chickens and had to Kill, Clean and prepare them for a meal.  The photo is of the Puma Multi Tool in action.

North Carolina

I bought a Puma Raven knife about twenty years ago. I liked it so well, I started buying more knives a few years ago. Now, I have a collection of three knives I really love.

I have a Rambler, a Cadet, and a Backpacker.   And, I like how the sandblasted finish doesn't show fingerprints.

-J. R.
Wichita, Kansas

Here are a few pictures I promised of the Mule deer and Puma Knives.

Have a great Spring and sell lots!  Puma Knives are a great product and look forward to using mine soon!!!!!

Best Regards
Ryan Foster/Mark Thomas

In 1963 I was given a beautiful hunting knife that had been confiscated from a recruit at the naval training center. The knife was a Puma White Hunter, the most beautiful knife I had ever seen. Since then I have used it to gut and skin many deer and antelope. The quality of the steel is really great as it holds an edge better than any knife I've had or used. because of the quality of the White Hunter I have recently purchased a Puma Trifecta and have found that is also a fine quality knife as well. I won't ever buy another brand knife other than a Puma.
Thanks Bob Minick

My Friends:
My first Puma Knife I bougth was in 1986 for advice of my father, a Hunters Friend,  since then made myself addicted to his quality and beauty, now I am in process of purchase some other pieces and and I hope have the sufficient time to be able to enjoy them, my favorite is the stock knife 675, I have 3 old ones in perfect conditions.
I am a captain of a private yacht and every day there is something in which to use this wonderful pieces
Best Regards
Cap. Mauricio Berber

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Dear Sirs:
I have one of your PUMA® Bowie knives. The model number is 6396. In bought it in Rhein am Main, Germany in 1965. I carried it from that time until I was out of the U.S. Air Force in 1968. During that time I was a crew chief on a C-130 cargo ship and all of the crew members carried knives. To me, my PUMA® was just like a tool in my toolbox. This knife has traveled all over the world with me. It has been to Africa, India, Turkey, all over Europe, South America, Central America, and Vietnam. I once had to repair the grip and the guard. The grips are made of Cherrywood and the guard of brass. I still have the original green case since my service days. This knife is my primary hunting knife. I don’t know how many deer and other kinds of game it has skinned over the years. I have also used it on numerous salmon, lake trout, steelhead, and northern pike. It is one of the best knives I have ever owned and after all this time continues to give me great service. It holds a very nice edge when I sharpen it. I hope you continue to make as good a product as this one.
Yours Truly,
Charles Johnson, Houghton Lake, MI

Puma Knife Employees,
I don't know who sent this to me but its not every day you find customer service as good as yours.  I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you getting that in the mail to me so I will have it on my trip this next week.  We are going to manitoba to go white-tail hunting and I will hopefully need a good Knife!!

My dad had a puma knife for 25 years, it is the best knife he has ever owned.  He is just now getting another one.  This is going to be my first puma knife, I have used his but this will be my first one.  I can tell you after the order and customer service I have experienced dealing with your company I will never own another brand of knife.  I will strongly recommend your product to whoever I can!

Thank You,
Will M. , Sugarland TX  a satisfied customer!!!!