Company History


1769 - Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung registers his PUMA® trademark with the Knifemaker’s Guild in Solingen and starts PUMA® in a small shop on the Wupper river.
1855 – Nathaniel, Johann’s great grandson, moves PUMA® to Solingen.
1876 Nathaniel’s son Otto Lauterjung (1855-1931) introduces pocket knives, stilettos, sabers, and hunting knives.
1900 – PUMA®-WERK Lauterjung und Sohn” is written down on the Solingen register of companies.
1920 – Otto’s sons Eugen (1883-1969) and Franz (1888-1976) build a second plant in Solingen and develop the export market. PUMA® becomes famous on the international market.
1936-1945 – PUMA® production is put under the authority of the War Production board
1945 – Return to civilian production of pocket and household knives
1953 – Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf (1915-1986), the husband of Renate Lauterjung, increases the company’s focus on hunting , fishing, and outdoor knives. While working with the famous German forester Walter Frevert, numerous PUMA® classics such as the Waidbesteck, Jagdnicker, Waidmesser, and Saufeder (hog spear) are developed. The famous bloodhound hunter Tassius designs the Rudemann and the Wildtoter.
1956 – The White Hunter knife is developed in conjunction with the East African Professional Hunter’s Association.
1957 – Kurt Gutmann of Gutmann Cutlery Company in New York becomes the U.S. distributor.
1964 – Military Series introduced.
1965 – PUMA® incorporates date codes on its knives that indicate when each knife was made.
1967 – Renate von Frankenberg becomes the General Manager of PUMA®-Werk

1969 – Much of the PUMA® factory is destroyed by fire. Many old records and tools are lost.
1986 – Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf dies, leaving a healthy and growing company behind.1991 – PUMA®-Werk is sold to the Hindrichs family of Solingen.
1995 – Harald Lauer becomes Managing Director of PUMA®-Werk. Harald has been instrumental in PUMA®’s growth since the late 1970s and introduces new production methods including CNC controllers and laser technology.
1998 PUMA®-Werk is sold to Heiner Hiepass-Aryus and moved to the modern Solingen industrial park “Aufderhohe”.
2009 – PUMA® Knife Company U.S.A. of Lenexa Kansas becomes the North American distributor of PUMA®.
2010 – SGB German Blade line of knives is introduced.