The Knife Book Outdoor, Hunting and Leisure Knives (German Edition Paperback)

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Outstanding Pictures - German Edition Paperback

"Das Messerbuch Outdoor, Jagd- und Freizeitmesser"
Knives are one of the original human tools: their fascination
is unbroken and high-quality cutting tools are indispensable
for today's multitude of outdoor pursuits. Knife expert
Jörg Hübner presents the wide range of knife types and
their areas of application, from travel and pocket knives,
camp knives, survival and bushcraft knives to professional
hunting knives such as nickers, hunting knives, intercepting
knives and falconer's knives. Information and tips about the
materials used, quality criteria and the care of the steel
companions make his practical book a must for every
outdoor fan.

Authors: Jörg Hübner
Dimensions: 240x170mm (LxW)
Pages: 144

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